Web Analytics

Increased conversion rate

Our digital marketing strategies emphasise the need to increase sales.  Improvements we make on our clients’ websites are aimed at making it easy for customers to complete the buying process.  Website value proposition, user experience and navigability are optimised to guide visitors in a way that is more likely to convert into goals (complete a purchase, sign up, request a quote, etc).

Improve the performance of your website

Web Analytics and Google Analytics to improve web performance

OTS Web provides digital marketing services with advanced web analytics to help our clients take informed and data-driven decisions:

In-depth analysis

Our expertise in web analytics enables us to have an overview of the website status, appreciate the technical performance and analyse technical barriers to the indexing of pages, optimise the website and its content.

Website Audit and Analysis

We know where to check to improve the performance of your website and what goals to set before carrying out our SEO

SEO & Localised SEO Strategy

Do not underestimate the power of local visitors. Many customers near you are searching the web for local results.

Content Optimisation

We improve the message of your website to improve the user experience and increase search engine visibility.