Web Traffic Analysis

With advanced web traffic analysis tools, we work together to analyse many aspect of customers’ visits to your website. We understand that each digital marketing project is different. Throughout our partnership, we continue to collect, segment and analyse traffic data and produce easy to understand and actionable reports that guide our marketing campaign projects in line with business goals.

It’s all about your visitors

visitor tracking, navigation analysis and traffic segmentation

  • How many Internet users are coming to your website?
  • How long did they stay?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What are the most visited pages of your website?
  • Where do they leave your website?


Define key performance indicators

Web analytics gives you a platform for the analysis of a website and to measure the audience and traffic. Statistics and results we gather are interpreted and used to improve the performance of your website based on your strategic objectives.

Web analytics tool and tracking code.

Above all, we will advise you on a web-analytics solution that suit your needs and your budget. (In most case, we recommend to start with Google Analytics). Then, we support you in tagging pages so that traffic can be monitored and analysed.


The implementation of web-analytics solutions will allow you to collect a lot of data that must be addressed. Each month or more often, we send you an easy to understand and complete dashboard with simple and easy to interpret indicators. This dashboard is accompanied by analysis and recommendations that will enable you to act accordingly.

Digital Marketing campaigns

We produce insights and report to analyse the impact and results of  our Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-per-Click or Social Media campaigns and we can build reports on your operations and optimise the profitability of these campaigns. We are able to plan and take care of the implementation of these campaigns.