Website Audit

Why do an audit of the site?

The website audit allows websites to identify technical and qualitative barriers to the visibility of your website.

Your website should be audited regularly but especially during the redesign or major update. This allows you to know where to look to improve the performance and to know what goals to set before carrying out any optimisation project.

Our audit

Technical audit:

  • The accessibility of the site in terms of html requests and page load speed
  • Compliance with standards and accessibility guidelines
  • The compatibility with different browsers

Navigability and usability audit:

  • The balance between corporate image and online communication strategy
  • Design and graphics
  • The intuitive navigation between pages
  • Ease of access to information

Content and SEO audit will assess:

  • Matching between the content headlines and strategic keywords
  • network of links (a combination of internal and external links)
  • Your competitors’ strategy
  • Relevance, usefulness and accuracy of the content.