Local PPC

OTS Web Services is a dedicated local marketing agency in Leeds focusing on the small business sector. We are the sole PPC Management agency in all of West Yorkshire with an emphasis on targeted PPC for local, small businesses.

At OTS Web Services, we work hard for our local clients to create effective, relevant and targeted PPC campaigns. We target ads to only appear to customers in a location of your choice. With us, you won’t spend your ad budget on wasted clicks from people who are outside your target area. We ensure that you are not wasting budget on searchers in areas that your business does not serve.

Attract more customers to your store

Need to retain your best customers or attract more customers to your store? Our PPC management services will help you select the right local paid advertisement for the locations where your customers are and target ads to customers who are searching within that area.

Enhanced mobile-optimised ads

Mobile searchers, especially in your area, tend to be ready to convert. Mobile-optimised advertising may work well for your business as it has for many other businesses. We run powerful mobile-optimised pay per click campaigns so that you take full advantage of enhanced advertisements. With location extensions and call extensions in your local ads, customers will be able to find and contact you more easily.

Give us a call and let us discuss about your local paid ad opportunities.