Search Engine Optimisation


Attract the right visitors

Our SEO is geared at attracting quality traffic to our clients’ websites. We work to get nothing but the right visitors. The right visitors mean people who are actually interested in buying, subscribing or signing up on what the business is offering.

We are different when it comes to SEO

OTS Web Services combines its expertise in SEO, Local SEO and in Digital analytics to give the best SEO results.

We look for internet visitors that are looking for products or services you offer. We work hard to research and most importantly we able to identify traffic that should brings more sales for your business.

With the web traffic analysis, we identify patterns of search results and understand which keywords are likely to bring in most of the traffic to your website. With insight into the traffic and the audience, we focus our search engine optimisation on the keywords that are performing better and fine-tune the website accordingly.

Our SEO: Know your visitors

Web analytics let us know a lot about your potential customers: which browser they use, where they are geographically located, how they arrived on your website (search engine or by a link from another website), what key phrases they typed, how long they spent on the site, which pages they viewed.

Website Audit and Analysis

We know where to check to improve the performance of your website and what goals to set before carrying out our SEO

Localised SEO Strategy

Do not underestimate the power of local visitors. Many customers near you are searching the web for local results. 

Content Optimisation

We improve the message of your website to improve the user experience and increase search engine visibility.